Here is a short list of WordPress themes that we like and some reasons why.

Below, please find a list of suggested sites for reviewing WordPress templates. Here are a few things to keep in mind when reviewing themes:

– Please keep in mind that any part of the template that you see (colors, fonts, pictures, layout of parts, corner styles, location of global navigation buttons/menus) can be changed to suit your needs, but fewer changes mean less cost to you.

– Focus on the themes that you like the best, even if they lack some features that you want or have more features than you need. Both of these can be changed. In most WordPress themes there is some flexibility as to where columns and certain boxes/widgets go, so please don’t dismiss a style because the column layout shown in the sample does not match your ideal layout.

– Some of the sites below include themes that are free, others are commercial themes that are purchased. Please do not shy away from commercial themes simply because of their price. Changing a free theme to give you the same features as a commercial theme can end up costing you more.

– Mobile Themes are becoming more popular. These are themes that look good on a mobile browser. Some themes are mobile only and require a WordPress plugin to switch between the desktop theme and the mobile one. Some themes are “fully responsive” and have a desktop version and a mobile version. Fully responsive themes are able to determine if the user is looking at the site using a mobile device and then show the mobile version of the theme. The content of a fully responsive themed site is arranged differently to fit a mobile device screen and may not include all of the features of the desktop theme version.

StudioPress –

Elegant Themes –

Rocket Themes –

Pixel Themes –

Woo Themes –

ThemeJam –

ThemeZen –

ThemeForest –

Mojo Themes –

Themify –

Organic Themes –

Theme Fuse –

WordPress Mobile Themes – (from a variety of sources)

SoloStream –

iThemes –

WordPress Theme Base –

Suffusion –

Weaver Theme – Site –

StudioPress – then click on the “Mobile Responsive” option

Elegant Themes –

ThemeForest –

Favorite WordPress Themes
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