netCorps is proud that most staff stay on-board for years before leaving.

The core values we share as a team are Impact, Citizenship, Realness, Transparency, Reliability, Accountability, and Integrity

We believe in…Meaning…Which leads us to do things like…
ImpactWe consider the outcome of our efforts on our clients and the world, we are honest with ourselves about what’s working and what’s not, and we constantly strive to do better.• Selecting clients who are most likely to benefit from our work and whose success we believe will lead to real change in the world;
• Holding ourselves to goals around whether clients have actually changed their practices;
• Focusing clients on practices we believe will most lead to better results for them; and
• Trying out new ways to work with clients to see what sticks.
CitizenshipWe see ourselves as part of a community of people and organizations creating a better world.• Implement good environmental practices in our own work;
• Asking ourselves, “how can we be better partners to this community?”; and
• Building opportunities for learning among our partners and clients.
RealnessWe talk like real people and say what we mean.• Avoiding jargon like the plague;
• Admitting when we have no idea what we’re talking about; and
• Being transparent about our concerns.
TransparencyWe believe strongly in setting and meeting our clients’ expectations. No surprises!• Seeking alignment with clients about goals and values before beginning work;
• Meeting client’s expectations for work quality and time;
• Communicating effectively with clients when changes happen to work quality and time, offering explanations, and re-aligning on goals and expectations.
ReliabilityWe do what we say we will do• Set realistic expectations for the projects we do;
• Communicate openly with clients and our team during the project to ensure that we are staying on track with expectations; and
• Openly discuss project changes that break expectations.

Our clients’ trust means a lot to us, and when things go wrong, we own the problem and repair the relationship• Communicate to clients and to our team when we are unable to meet expectations; and
• Seek mutually beneficial resolutions with clients when we haven’t met their expectations.

We do what’s right, even when it’s not fast or easy• Appreciating that clients have their own priorities and values, and offering solutions that match their values;
• Advocating for solutions that pass all relevant best practices or compliance concerns; and
• Expecting high standards in ethics and honesty from ourselves and each other.

We are not currently hiring for any position.