Dreamhost for Non-Profits

Dreamhost offers free hosting for non-profits. Here are some specifics.

The following is a brief instruction guide to getting free non-profit hosting at Dreamhost.  It sounds a bit odd that one should need a guide for this, but we ran into a problem when helping one client get hosting and decided to take some notes.  The steps that you see here are what we went through in January of 2011 and they could change at any time.

Start by reading this page for the official Dreamhost ingo:


When you go to sign up:
- Start by signing up for an account on the home page (I recommend that you use the info@laurel.org e-mail address) and using a fairly secure password.  Please write that password down!

- On the following screen, choose "I already have a domain, please provide me with the information I'll need to transfer it." and type in the domain name that you wish to host at Dreamhost.

- On the next screen, choose either the 1 Year or 2 Year Full Web Hosting options and then click Continue.

- On the next screen, fill in your account contact info

- On the next screen, choose a user name.  I suggest something like your domain name without the .org, rather than an e-mail address.  Then enter your city. Then place a check next to the agreement.

- On the next screen, where it asks for your credit card info, stop.

- Fax your "501(c)(3) determination letter" to 714-671-9098 and include the e-mail address that you used for the sign up process.

- Check your e-mail for further instructions.  During this wait you can log into your Dreamhost control panel (http://panel.dreamhost.com/) and see your account status.  Sometimes it takes a while to get past this point, we have even had to call on occasion to prompt the process along.

We have used Dreamhost for a number of other clients with good success, and helped other clients migrate their website hosting and e-mail hosting there.  Their support is via e-mail, but the price is right.


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