"For years, most nonprofits felt that good intentions were, by themselves, enough. But today, we know that because we don't have a bottom line, we have to manage better than for-profit business. We have to have discipline rooted in our mission." --Peter Drucker

We believe that good intentions are the birthplace of a more just and caring world. We believe in the power of a strong and sustainable nonprofit sector to create that world. And we believe that the key to getting there is to build systems that let organizations succeed.

Create a better world with us


Office Technology

From recommending and purchasing hardware and software to networking computers to training users – we meet a variety of office technology needs.


From evaluating your database needs to reviewing your current tools and processes to recommending or implementing a new database solution, we can work with you to improve your current data management environment.

Planning and Assessment

Just keeping up with technology is hard enough – but organizations need big-picture thinking, too. You set strategic plans, to align everything else with your goals and mission, why not technology?

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